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You want the love of your family photographed. Like me, you are nostalgic. You like to feel the weight of things in your hands. You enjoy holding prints, displaying them around your home, and keeping them in a special album or keepsake box. You have found me because I value those things as well.



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I have been photographing babies, children and families since 2010 and have built a business on a desire to connect with my clients in a very authentic way. I have three little boys who have shaped the way that I approach photography. I craft sessions around the personality of a family and the way their littlest members connect with the world. 

Me & Danny \\ Roxanne Bryant



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I want to help you create memories that you will look upon with tenderness in the years ahead. For this reason I spend time getting to know you before the session and then during the session l find some pretty light or a special background and let you be yourselves, giving you quality time together as a family



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I enter into every session with the purpose of creating beautiful art for your family.

The Why:

The success of any session begins with me understanding "the why" of your session. The why is unique to each family. It could be a general feeling that you want to remember from that phase in your life -- the tenderness of a new baby in the home or the chaos of toddlers. Or it could be something more specific -- mom finally in a photograph with all of her children or doing a special activity together.

We will discuss all of this in the process of booking your session and with your goals in mind, I enter into every session with the purpose of creating beautiful art for your family.

The Where & The When:

Once we decide the why, then the where and the when of your session are easy. Depending on your goals, the session will take place at my studio, your home, a special park or maybe even a combination. The session itself will last approximately an hour and a half for newborns & babies and closer to an hour for children & families.


Before and even during your session I will be talking to you about what you want to do with your photographs. This is a critical yet often overlooked part of the process. I believe strongly that your photographs should not live in your computer but on your walls or in an album or frame. 

The How:

We will meet for your Session Reveal and Ordering Appointment approximately two weeks after your session. At that time you will be able to see your images and select your purchases from the Signature Heirloom Products that I offer to my clients.

For details about the various session types that I offer and pricing see the 2016 Pricing & Product Guide.



Newborn & baby sessions take place in my cozy studio or on location at your home where I photograph the newest family members in the arms of mom and dad, being hugged by a sibling, or laying peacefully on the bed

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Family sessions take place on location at your home or a special park where kids can stretch and run and play. They are a pretty relaxed affair. We explore, we hang out, we talk. We take an hour together from the craziness of life and document the beauty of your wonderful family.

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Thank you so much for your interest in booking a session. If you have further questions or if you are ready to schedule please fill out the form or feel free to call me directly.

All my best, Jen

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